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BeeChat, The First Cryptocurrency Messenger

As cryptocurrencies continue to gain traction around the world, the launch of BeeChat marks the advent of the first blockchain based digital currency and cryptocurrency messenger platform in the world.

After going live in October, BeeChat has captured millions of users around the world and currently supports hundreds of millions of messages per day on its network.

BeeChat has released multiple updates to now support over 10 digital currencies. BeeChat is currently available in 8 languages and is currently on both iOS and Android platforms.

BeeChat provides messaging and communications services, cryptocurrency discussions and groups, cryptocurrency wallet, and industry news and media aggregation. BeeChat also added DApp functionality support in its latest update.

Some of the key features integrated into BeeChat include its digital currencies wallet, used for storing, receiving and sending digital currencies between users in real-time so users can facilitate information exchange with currency transactions.

BeeChat has invited key opinion leaders (KOL) to share their thoughts on digital currencies and blockchain technology. KOLs can interact with other members of the community through chat groups, discussions and forums. There are already more than 100 KOLs on BeeChat sharing and interacting with the community.

KOLs or cryptocurrency issuers can manage their own groups to answer questions or interact with its members, they can also airdrop coins as a way to market their currency to foster the growth of its network. Members can also gift KOLs with coins if they found the interaction rewarding.

As one member of the BeeChat founding team explains:

“Facilitating information exchange in a social environment to educate the general public on the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is key to fostering the growth of the community, this is something that will revolutionize the way we interact.”

Many of the underlying contexts in BeeChat are based on blockchain technology, such as the technology used to map the interrelationships and social connections between users. Using blockchain technology simplifies some of the inherent complexities found in social graphing.

Currently the most active digital currency and cryptocurrency community in Asia, BeeChat has established itself as an information and exchange hub for investors, traders, enthusiasts, and experts; non-professionals and professionals could exchange ideas, information, and transactions over its network. As the team looks to expand beyond Asia, BeeChat looks to attract more users from other countries taking an active interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Learn more about BeeChat at the website.

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